• Being A Hero

  • 状态:更新至34集 / 共32集
  • 类型:剧情
  • 主演:陈晓 王一博 王劲松 刘奕君 赵昭仪 张志坚 郭晓婷 冯嘉怡
  • 年代:2022
  • 地区:大陆

简介:Three years ago, Wu Gang was killed for getting involved in drugs by the drug cartel K Group. His son Wu Zhenfeng got expelled from the police force for violating the rules. Wu Zhenfeng was so depressed that he tried to leave the country but was stopped halfway by his good friend, Chen Yu. On the way, the two of them almost got kidnapped. Wu Zhenfeng saved Chen Yu from the drug dealers but went missing. Ever since that, their fates had been totally changed. Three years later, Chen Yu joined the counter-narcotics police force, while Wu Zhenfeng came back and got involved in a homicide case. After Wu Zhenfeng cleared his name, Chen Yu noticed that Wu was related to drug cartels in many ways. To eradicate all the local drug cartels, Chen Yu took on an undercover operation as he was told by his superiors. And then he found that Wu Zhenfeng was actually a hero working for the police as an inside man in the drug cartel. Chen Yu infiltrated the cartel after Wu Zhenfeng managed to do so. They worked side by side and finally eliminated the cartel in one go in cooperation with the police. The two good friends later continued to take up the responsibility and devoted themselves to the counter-narcotics operations.

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